PB Schechter

This home page is currently under construction. It has been for some time, and it probably will be for some time, too. If you have any questions about anything you read here, or anything else, I'm most likely to respond to e-mail .

Current Work

I'm currently working on customer ownership of the local loop, and its effects on telephony in general, and competition in telephony in particular: it's amazing what a simple, powerful solution it is--and not only for telephony! I have a draft of a paper on this--it is the only plausible strategy for competition in telephony that I've found--available in pdf. If you don't have a pdf reader, it's available, free, from Adobe.

My paper on customer ownership of the local loop as a solution to the problem of interconnection appeared in the October, 1996 issue of Telecommunications Policy; an earlier version of that paper, in pdf, is available here.

My talk at the Eleventh Biennial World Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (in June, 1996, in Sevilla, Spain), deals with customer ownership of the local loop as an integrated solution to the problems of competition in telephony.

Past Work

If you're interested in my 1995 ICA paper, "The Internet and the Corporation," it's available in pdf.

My paper on telecommunication in New Zealand was, in many ways, a direct precursor to my work on customer ownershp of the local loop. The paper is available in pdf, also.

Internet Service in Colorado

Here's a list of communities in Colorado with local dialup Internet access--in pdf.

Day Job

My day job is a little different: I work for the State of Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel. Our legislative mandate is to represent residential, small business, and agricultural customers in telecommunication, gas, and electric utility issues before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

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